Transcendence Series by Geoff Jones

Finally I can share with everyone the beauty series I have been waiting to release for months. Published in issue 48 of Dark Beauty magazine, with a featured interview.

1 photographer, 5 makeup artists, 12 models, and 3 assistants - We shot it over the course of a month in six separate shoots. The selection process for the final 12 images out of over 3000 frames was arduous to say the least.

I've never had so much fun shooting before. Every shoot in this series was an absolute blast. I'm eternally grateful for everyone's participation in helping me bring this to life, and for the new friendships I made.

 I present to you, my Transcendence series.

Geoff Jones

Makeup artists:
Mary Li
Dave Reid
Amy Narayan
Jolina O'Hair
Jessica Peris

Tayah Mott
Courtney Martin
Ada Li
Fidesse Fehr
Serena C
Elizabeth Hannah
Sylph Sia
Zoe Braithwaite
Angelina Leljak
Sarah Parker
Noorjahan Allure
Eleanor Eve

Chris Smith
Angie To
Kylee Sharples

Roshie the latex queen by Geoff Jones

Sydney based model, Roshie and I recently teamed up to create some crazy latex shots. I can't speak highly enough about this model. Amazing poser, extremely professional, and she brings energy to the shoot. Book her through her FB page via the link below.

Model/Makeup: Roshie
Photography: Geoff Jones

Luna Milosc [NSFW] by Geoff Jones

On the weekend, I had the amazing Luna Milosc in my studio. I was inspired by Russian photographer, Pavel Kiselev.

Having a white paper backdrop laying around, which had already seen better days; I decided to do this with it. It was also a good opportunity to try out my new posing boxes.

Thank you to my friend, Angie To for assisting on the day.

Mode/MUA: Luna Milosc
Assist/paper scruncher: Angie To
Photography: Geoff Jones


Sylph Sia - Thunder in our hearts [NSFW] by Geoff Jones

This was a continuation of my tribal series with Sylph Sia. The headpiece was created by Cassandra Lee and inspired by native American culture as well as the beautiful work of Genevieve Amelia.

Model: Sylph Sia
Assistant: Chris Smith
MUA/headpiece: Cassandra Lee
MUA assist: Steph Dean
Photography: Geoff Jones

Metalic body paint with Cassandra Lee and Fiona [NSFW] by Geoff Jones

Continuing on from my tribal series, I teamed up with makeup artist Cassandra Lee and stunning model Fiona. I contacted Cassandra after she indicated that she wanted to work with metallic body paint. It was also something I wanted to shoot, so we teed it up and the rest is history. It was my first time working with Fiona.

Cassandra painted her with metallic awesomeness and she nailed the poses like a pro. (No we didn't use the same stuff that almost killed Buddy Ebsen in the original Wizard of Oz)

I love shooting tribal styles and I have a couple more in the pipeline. 

Model: Fiona
Makeup/bodypaint: Cassandra Lee
Photography: Geoff Jones

Welcome to the machine by Canberra Photographer - Geoff Jones

Mary Li and I teamed up with my model friend, Fidesse Fehr, who flew down from the Gold Coast. We shot together a while back in 2012 and I was very impressed with her enthusiasm, as well as her natural ability to pose and work with the camera. This time was no different - To say I was happy with the results would be an understatement...

Mary Li - Fidesse Fehr - Geoff Jones

The title for the image comes from one of my all time favorite songs "Welcome to the machine" by Pink Floyd. While the "machine" in the song is meant to represent the music industry; to me, the "machine" is our culture and society - a machine that is, for better or worse, force fed to us via the media and by extension, the television set.

I searched high and low for just the right type of old TV and finally found one at the local dump (along with a couple of milk crates).

The light from the TV itself was never going to be bright enough, so I had to create my own by ripping out the innards and placing an AB800 strobe inside. I then lined the inside with white cardboard, and placed a white diffusion sheet and cooling filter on the front. The cooling filter was used becasue light from a TV is generally on the cooler side.

I used 4 lights in total; a warm soft box off to the right, a cool light off to the left to highlight the back of the TV, a very dim white fill light bouncing off the roof, and of course, the light from the TV. 

We switched things up a little for the second look. I am a big fan of dewy skin and dark eyes, which Mary managed to achieve flawlessly.

The image was shot with a teal gel off to the right and a warm gel to the left.

Model: Fidesse Fehr 
Makeup: Mary Li

Feel free to leave any questions in the comment section.

Omo Valley tribal inspired shoot by Geoff Jones

My makeup artist friend, Dave Reid recently came to me with an idea for a shoot, inspired by the tribal people of the Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia. I've known Dave for a few years now, and I've come to trust that whatever idea he comes up with, it's going to be great. 

Joining Dave to put the look together was Adi Watters who did an awesome job assisting with the flowers and style. The look was put together using various pieces they collected from... uhh.. various sources. My apologies if you are missing anything from your garden ;)

Our beautiful model was Mary Faith. We will be shooting together again, so expect more from her soon.

Models: What does the photographer expect of you during a photo shoot? by Canberra Photographer - Geoff Jones

Model: Grace Monck, MUA: Mary Li, Styling: Hannah St James

Model: Grace Monck, MUA: Mary Li, Styling: Hannah St James


You may be a new model looking to get into the industry and not really knowing what to expect from photographers and what they expect from you. I hope to give you an insight into what is expected of you, and to help you think more about your role during a shoot. The opinions expressed here are my own views, derived from my own experiences as a fashion and beauty photographer. Take from it whatever you find useful, and feel free to agree or disagree in the comments section below.

This article is not a "Modeling 101". I won't be going into specifics about how to pose, where to place your arms and hands, etc. It is also geared more towards new models, and what is expected of them, rather than the photographer (we will save that for another time). However, I will be writing an article soon which does go into more specifics about modeling and posing. So keep an eye out!

Expect and Prepare

Photographers can be an interesting bunch. Like any group of people, there are many different types with varied personalities and differing expectations. As a photographer, I tend to take a lot of control during a photo shoot regardless, but what I expect of a model varies greatly on the situation. If I have been commissioned for a portrait session or a portfolio, then the onus is on me and only me. I will direct the models every move and pose... but, if you as a model have been hired for the shoot, then you need to bring it. This applies to tests and collaborations as well.

As a model, you will soon discover that every photographer has their own style of shooting. Some photographers will barely say hello to you, let alone give you any direction. What are you going to do in this situation? Standing there confused, waiting to be told what to do, isn't going to cut it. Believe me, the final product in this situation is going to be... less than spectacular. You need to be confident. You need to know what your flaws are and how to hide them. You need to know what your best look is. You need to be prepared.

I know it's been said a thousand times before, but spend a lot of time in front of a full length mirror. Experiment with how and where your neck pivots. Look at how your limbs form lines and shapes. Read a lot of high-end fashion magazines and study the poses. The goal here is to understand what makes a good pose, and to develop a set of "go to poses" that you can bring to any shoot.

During a photo-shoot, there are many things a model needs to take into consideration. One of these is the lighting. Although it is by no means your responsibility to be in control of the lighting, it certainly would pay for you to have a basic understanding of how light works; particularly in how it falls on your face in relation to its position. However, don't concern yourself too much with this, as lighting is the responsibility of the photographer, and a good photographer will give direction in regards to the best posing positions for the situation. A photo-shoot is a team effort, so educating yourself on other aspects of the shoot can certainly be useful.


What photographers absolutely do not want is a model who stands there with a blank expression, waiting to be told what to do. Dance around, pull a silly face, jump up and down, bark like a dog... Something  -anything- is better than nothing (ok maybe don't bark like a dog, but you get the idea). Sometimes the best shots can come from an off-the-cuff "between takes" interaction. A good photographer will be able to capture the right moment. Do your part to the best of your ability, but leave "getting the shot" up to the photographer.

Ultimately in most situations, what we want is a model who can move gracefully and fluidly from pose to pose. This allows us freedom to shoot as we go, without having to worry about posing the model. The end results are often far more dynamic and interesting, than shooting static poses. An excellent example of fluidity in posing can be seen below. (thanks to very talented Shantia Veney).

If you practice enough, you too can get to that level of posing. Again, don't worry if you are not nailing every move. Let the photographer worry about when to click the shutter button. You will only improve with time.

Confidence plays a huge roll. A lack of confidence will show in the final image. While you may be working with a photographer with great interpersonal skills who makes you feel at ease; For whatever reason, you may just not be feeling very confident. If you find yourself in this situation, it may sound simple but often the best strategy is to actconfident (even though you may not necessarily be feeling it). By doing this, you will find that you actually start to feel real confidence. Other factors which can positively influence your confidence include: Getting a good nights sleep, eating well, exercising, and basically making sure you are as prepared as possible. If there is no music playing at your shoot; demand it ;)


Firstly, be honest about your experience level. If you feel like you need more direction, let the photographer know. Speak up if you have any concerns at all; especially when it comes to doing anything you are not completely comfortable with. There is no shame in saying no to a particular pose or concept. If you feel the need to bring an escort to the shoot, be sure to ask the photographer well beforehand. Many photographers are ok with escorts, but just as many are not. Every extra person present at a photo-shoot is a distraction (whether they are being helpful or not) so keeping the numbers to an absolute minimum is usually the best bet.

Lastly, have fun, relax and leave your inhibitions at the door. Don't be afraid to look silly, and don't be afraid to try a pose that might not work! As a photographer, I don't care if 9 out of 10 shots don't work. Those will just be deleted. What I care about is that 1 in 10 that do work.

Parting Words

Whether you are a professional or hobbyist, Modeling, is not an easy thing to do. Most people only see the polished end result in that art print or glossy magazine. They have no concept of the time, effort and dedication the model puts into each and every shoot. I have the utmost respect for a model who is dedicated to his or her craft, no matter their level; as it can require a lot of courage, while being emotionally and physically draining. It can also be incredibly rewarding.

So in closing, I say thank you for the time and effort you put in. Thank you for the late nights, and early starts. Thank you for bravely facing the elements. Thank you for letting us cover you in glitter, and thank you for the hours you spend in the makeup chair. You are an integral part of the creative process, and without you, there is no final image.

~Geoff Jones, Photographer

Art nude photoshoot with Stefania Ferrario by Canberra Photographer - Geoff Jones

Last week I had a last minute art nude shoot with my buddy, Stefania Ferrario. I first shot Stef about 4 years ago and we have been collaborating on various projects ever since. You may have seen her on the Australian Target commercials with Gok. Makeup by Mary Li [link] Check out Stefania's FB here [link]



Photoshoot with Makeup Youtube sensation, Chloe Morello. by Canberra Photographer - Geoff Jones

My friend, Chloe Morello recently contacted me to tell me she was coming to Canberra for a shoot with the Canberra Weekly. So of course we had to arrange a creative collaboration while she was here! Makeup was by very talented, Mary Li.

You may know Chloe from her extremely popular Youtube channel where she shares makeup/beauty tips and tutorials. She is also a VEET Beauty Producer, and beauty ambassador for CLEO magazine... as well as being an all around awesome person!

Chloe Morello. Makeup by Mary Li.

Chloe Morello. Makeup by Mary Li.

The above image was created using the following 5 strobe light setup:

  • Small softbox to the left of frame with an orange gel, 35º to the rear, pointed at model.
  • Small softbox to the right of frame with a blue gel, 35º to the front, pointed at the model.
  • Strobe with a 7" reflector, grid and yellow gel, to the right of frame 45º behind the model.
  • Gridded snoot 45º in front of the model, right of frame to balance out the gels.
  • Large shoot through parabolic reflector directly behind the camera for overall fill at a low intensity.
  • Royal Blue Superior paper backdrop.

The blue gel was used as a subtle effect to balance out the warmth of the other lights. It is mostly visible in the highlights between the orange and yellow gels. You will notice it on Chloe's left shoulder, forehead and eyelids.

The idea with the large shoot through parabolic umbrella, is to balance out the intensity of the coloured gels, as well as reducing the overall contrast of the lighting. This light was set to a very low level.

Of course, the look would not have been possible without Marys makeup talents. She used a shimmer product on Chloe's skin to enhance shine.

The lighting for the second shot was switched up to provide a more subtle effect. I used a blue gelled softbox 45º behind Chloe to highlight the wet half of her face. A 21" silver beauty dish was used as the main light.

Chloe Morello. Makeup by Mary Li.

Chloe Morello. Makeup by Mary Li.

All in all, a very fun shoot and I was extremely happy with the results. Be sure to check out Chloe's Youtube channel if you have not already done so. [Link]

Please feel free to leave any questions in the comment section below.

Outdoor artistic nude photography with Sylph Sia and Dave Reid by Canberra Photographer - Geoff Jones

Last Thursday, I shot again with the amazing Sylph Sia. We did some outdoor nudes with makeup, hair and floristry by my talented unicorn friend Dave Reid. The frame was lent to us by Tony Kieu's framer. Sylph braved the crisp Autumn air, hunger,  a few joggers running by and the odd car horn tooting, to create these images.

We started the day doing makeup and hair at Daves house, then started shooting at about 3:30pm to catch the later half of the day as the sun started to set. We shot till sundown in a couple of foresty areas of Canberra. I was extremely happy with how everything turned out. Check out more of Sylph here.

Danièle Martinie - Red back by Canberra Photographer - Geoff Jones

A couple of weeks ago Mary Li and I did a personal project shoot with my beautiful friend and fellow photographer, Danièle Martinie. She has a soft and honest photographic style that I really love. We were going for two distinct looks for this shoot; Light and matte, Dark and glossy. Thanks to Angie To, who did a great job assisting on the day


The first shot consisted of a 4 light setup. A large soft light from above, two medium sized soft boxes for the kicker lights, and a 22" white beauty dish for the key light. Mary's makeup was phenomenal. I absolutely loved the red on her eyelids.

The second look, I went with a simpler light setup which consisted of a gridded 22" beauty dish as the key light and large gridded soft box providing some dim illumination for the background.

IModel: Daniele Francesca Martinie Makeup: Mary Li Makeup Assistant: Angie To Photography: Geoff Jones

Recent artistic nude photoshoot with Slyph Sia (NSFW) by Canberra Photographer - Geoff Jones

I recently had the pleasure of shooting the beautiful Canberra based model Sylph Sia. We have worked together on artistic projects on a number of occasions in the past. This time I wanted to create something with a bit of punch. I was looking for twisted and contorted poses with an almost futuristic, alienesque feel, and boy did Sylph Sia deliver... I explained what I wanted in the pose and she took it from there. It's rare to find a model who is so professional, so comfortable in front of the camera, who knows how to deliver exactly what you want, and is not to mention... stunning! If you are after a model who can perform, then please contact her for rates and availability here. I highly recommend you do.

Mary was right on the money with her makeup, and it all came together brilliantly. I'm never disappointed in that department.

I lit the scene using four lights. One small gelled softbox, a small 7" reflector, 22" beauty dish with a blue gel as the main light and a 64" white PLM umbrella for fill and to balance out the gels. I also used a star filter for the streak lens flare effect. I should also mentioned there was no liquify or over-processing. What you see is what you get. More to come soon!

Pearl II
Pearl II

Epson AIPP PPY award results by Canberra Photographer - Geoff Jones

Wow! Was totally blown away with my results from the Epson PPY (professional photographer of the year).

I entered 4 prints and managed to come away with a gold distinction on my Chantico print, a silver distinction, and two silvers; As well as being awarded the ACT emerging photographer of the year!

Thanks to everyone involved in the winning prints. I couldn't have done it without them -It's very much a team effort: Dave Reid, Mary Li, Jessica Lewis, Chris Smith (Always lending me his equipment whenever I ask/need it), Melissa Tan, Kastelle Adamson, Izzy Hellyer, Maddy Hellyer, Molly Folkard, Catherine Cheah...

Now looking forward to the Canon APPA.