Transcendence Series / by Geoff Jones

Finally I can share with everyone the beauty series I have been waiting to release for months. Published in issue 48 of Dark Beauty magazine, with a featured interview.

1 photographer, 5 makeup artists, 12 models, and 3 assistants - We shot it over the course of a month in six separate shoots. The selection process for the final 12 images out of over 3000 frames was arduous to say the least.

I've never had so much fun shooting before. Every shoot in this series was an absolute blast. I'm eternally grateful for everyone's participation in helping me bring this to life, and for the new friendships I made.

 I present to you, my Transcendence series.

Geoff Jones

Makeup artists:
Mary Li
Dave Reid
Amy Narayan
Jolina O'Hair
Jessica Peris

Tayah Mott
Courtney Martin
Ada Li
Fidesse Fehr
Serena C
Elizabeth Hannah
Sylph Sia
Zoe Braithwaite
Angelina Leljak
Sarah Parker
Noorjahan Allure
Eleanor Eve

Chris Smith
Angie To
Kylee Sharples