Danièle Martinie - Red back / by Canberra Photographer - Geoff Jones

A couple of weeks ago Mary Li and I did a personal project shoot with my beautiful friend and fellow photographer, Danièle Martinie. She has a soft and honest photographic style that I really love. We were going for two distinct looks for this shoot; Light and matte, Dark and glossy. Thanks to Angie To, who did a great job assisting on the day


The first shot consisted of a 4 light setup. A large soft light from above, two medium sized soft boxes for the kicker lights, and a 22" white beauty dish for the key light. Mary's makeup was phenomenal. I absolutely loved the red on her eyelids.

The second look, I went with a simpler light setup which consisted of a gridded 22" beauty dish as the key light and large gridded soft box providing some dim illumination for the background.

IModel: Daniele Francesca Martinie Makeup: Mary Li Makeup Assistant: Angie To Photography: Geoff Jones