Photoshoot with Makeup Youtube sensation, Chloe Morello. / by Canberra Photographer - Geoff Jones

My friend, Chloe Morello recently contacted me to tell me she was coming to Canberra for a shoot with the Canberra Weekly. So of course we had to arrange a creative collaboration while she was here! Makeup was by very talented, Mary Li.

You may know Chloe from her extremely popular Youtube channel where she shares makeup/beauty tips and tutorials. She is also a VEET Beauty Producer, and beauty ambassador for CLEO magazine... as well as being an all around awesome person!

Chloe Morello. Makeup by Mary Li.

Chloe Morello. Makeup by Mary Li.

The above image was created using the following 5 strobe light setup:

  • Small softbox to the left of frame with an orange gel, 35º to the rear, pointed at model.
  • Small softbox to the right of frame with a blue gel, 35º to the front, pointed at the model.
  • Strobe with a 7" reflector, grid and yellow gel, to the right of frame 45º behind the model.
  • Gridded snoot 45º in front of the model, right of frame to balance out the gels.
  • Large shoot through parabolic reflector directly behind the camera for overall fill at a low intensity.
  • Royal Blue Superior paper backdrop.

The blue gel was used as a subtle effect to balance out the warmth of the other lights. It is mostly visible in the highlights between the orange and yellow gels. You will notice it on Chloe's left shoulder, forehead and eyelids.

The idea with the large shoot through parabolic umbrella, is to balance out the intensity of the coloured gels, as well as reducing the overall contrast of the lighting. This light was set to a very low level.

Of course, the look would not have been possible without Marys makeup talents. She used a shimmer product on Chloe's skin to enhance shine.

The lighting for the second shot was switched up to provide a more subtle effect. I used a blue gelled softbox 45º behind Chloe to highlight the wet half of her face. A 21" silver beauty dish was used as the main light.

Chloe Morello. Makeup by Mary Li.

Chloe Morello. Makeup by Mary Li.

All in all, a very fun shoot and I was extremely happy with the results. Be sure to check out Chloe's Youtube channel if you have not already done so. [Link]

Please feel free to leave any questions in the comment section below.